Food & Beverage

 A sister company of Safeway Services Group Inc-SSG Food & Beverage Inc, provides Food and Beverage service operations that involve a multitude of services, which include the management of restaurants, concessions and beverage karts. SSG Food & Beverage prepares food and beverages for daily operations, seasonal operations and for events. The services range from creating fine dishes to serving hot dogs at ballfields. SSG Food and Beverage will maintain inventory of material, maintain service quality continuously, and aim for customer satisfaction.

A veteran owned company SSG Food & Beverage provides top notch management services. SSG aims to hire and employ veterans of the military to add to its food and beverage services and holds the utmost gratitude for the men and women who have served our nation.

SSG Food & Beverage provides food and beverage managers, servers, cooks, and bartenders.